Circo Rum Ba Ba Presents……Dress Up For Christmas





Circo Rum Ba Ba is a well established, highly experienced women’s circus theatre company which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise. The company is well known for its elaborate, colourful costumes and painstaking detail to characterisation.


An enormous Grande Lady, sumptuously brocaded and dressed for the Christmas Ball, glides effortlessly as if propelled from beneath, onto the stage. She is fifteen feet tall and eight feet wide and has arrived to tell a magical story which emerges act by act from the little theatre that opens up within her skirts. Dress Up for Christmas!


Deep in the dark woods a wood cutter and his daughter are getting ready for Christmas. They have so little food and money that the wood cutter decides to leave his daughter and go into the city to see what other work he can get to pay for some seasonal cheer. When he has gone, his daughter Olive who is brave and adventurous decides she will not stay on her own in the woods so she heads off into the city to find her father. Once in the city Olive finds the shops and businesses where her father may have been and the whole adventure unfolds with hat juggling in Fat Cat Hats, China plate spinning at The Hairy Pear Cafe and opera at the Pig in a Wig shop. The story ends with a Christmas feast at the palace and acrobatics on the table!


Children and their family will love this; it comes highly recommended.


Doors open 7, starts 7.30. Tickets £5 children and £7 adults available from 01745 812349 or 814323 or 077923 15723 or or at the door. Supported by the Night Out Scheme.


Friday, 20th October – MWGSI.


Drama creulon o onest, llawn hiwmor tywyll am yr enwogrwydd a’r unigrwydd o fod yn berson ifanc sy’n byw gyda chancr.





Drama newydd gan Manon Steffan Ros.

“O’dd o’n mynd i fod yn epic. O’n i’n ferch 18 oed cyffredin. Stres Lefel A tu cefn i mi. O’n i’n barod am haf llawn rosé cyn cychwyn gradd nyrsio.

“Yna bang! Dim ‘duty free, pis-yp a lliw haul i fi. Blwyddyn mwya shit eto.”

Yn hytrach na haf llawn gwin, gwyliau a giamocs mae Mwgsi’n wynebu chemo, salwch a’r unigedd rhyfedd o fod yn ffigwr trasig.

Mae’r tensiwn rhwng Mwgsi ei ffrindiau, ei theulu a hi ei hun yn cynnig darn o theatr llawn hiwmor tywyll sy’n mynnu ein bod ni fel cynulleidfa, o bob oed, yn dod wyneb yn wyneb hefo’n dyfodol ansicr ni’n hunain.

*Teithio Hydref 2017*




A brutally honest and humorous account of the notoriety and loneliness of a teenager living with cancer.


New drama from Manon Steffan Ros.

“It was going to be epic. I was just a normal 18 year old.

“A-level stress was but a brief blur. Ready for a wine filled summer before I started nursing degree. Then bang! No duty free, a piss-up and a sun tan for me.

“The toughest and shittiest year of my life.”

Instead of a hell-raising, wine-filled summer with the girls, 18 year old Mwgsi enters a world of chemo, illness and the loneliness of a strange, tragic creature.

The tension between Mwgsi, her friends, her family and herself offers a piece of theatre full of dark humour that will force us to confront our own uncertain futures.

*Touring Autumn 2017*