New writing in Welsh and Turkish tours Wales

Friday 7th June 2019 at 7.30 at Theatr Twm o’r Nant

Tickets £10 from 01745 812349 or 07792315723 or Siop Clwyd (01745 813431)



The first and only theatre production written in Welsh and Turkish performed by radical theatre company Be Aware Productions comes to Theatr Twm o’r Nant.


Tackling current society’s obsession with international identity, original play Y Brain/Y Kargalar turns UK topical politics into something intensely personal through the story of Turkish writer Meltem Arikan’s ‘homecoming’ to Wales. Born in Turkey, but forced to leave due to a political smear campaign, she came to Wales and instantly felt a deep resonance and belonging to the landscape and culture.

Now, she welcomes audiences to join her journey through personal crisis as Turkish-speaking, repressed, rigid self, Mel, meets her Welsh-speaking, adventurous, nature-loving self, Tem, for the first time.


Y Brain/Kargalar examines identity, home, freedom from repression and language. Artists from countries divided by two-thousand miles have collaborated to create the first theatre production that uses Welsh and Turkish languages side by side. Y Brain/Kargalar is directed by Memet Ali Alabora, performed by Pinar Ogun and Rebecca Smith Williams with Welsh translation by Sharon Morgan.


Writer’s note

Because of the accusations against me in Turkey I was trying to start my new life in Wales. After my husband’s unexpected death I was trying to cope with new problems and sometimes I thought about giving up everything…But maybe the geese, crows, trees and nature have a relationship with me. Maybe the mountains, the valleys, the forests always embrace me. Maybe there is feeling between me and the wild nature of Wales … Maybe the giant buildings that swallowed me didn’t have scary shadows, I can still hear bird sounds instead of the crowded noise of traffic. I felt that these lands were always wrapped around me like a mother, in the most difficult times of my life. And that they were healing me.

Now I know that this land has a special meaning for me, this land allows me to find myself, my womanhood and I believe that there are places that call us all, but we don’t know how to hear that call, maybe …’

With original score from John Rea and animated bilingual titles from Lauren Orme the piece mixes stunning digital visuals with beautiful movement designed by Phil Mackenzie.

During the show English only speaking audience member can follow the action by using the purpose made show text translated to English with graphics from Cardiff designer Melin Edmowonwyi.

You can learn more about this journey by watching this video https://vimeo.com/283690396/5a96910cf6